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I am SO excited to be kick-starting this program for all my class of 2021 seniors!

Now, you may be asking, “Kelsey, what in the world is a spokesmodel program?” Well guys, I’m here to explain the whole thing…

The Kelsey Marie Photography spokesmodel team will consist of a group of graduating senior girls from our local high schools that will rep the face of Kelsey Marie Photography during their senior year!

Being chosen as a spokesmodel includes countless perks throughout the year- multiple photoshoots, digital images to share on social media and #allthethings, fun gifts, group events and exciting activities, styled shoots, personal mini session, their full customized senior experience, and even cash bonuses (!!!)

Spokesmodels are chosen through an application process, but don’t worry, no spokesmodel will ever be chosen on looks. I am looking for a diverse group of senior girls that are highly involved in their community and high school, passionate about their senior year and the memories they make, and their excitement to be a part of the team and rep KMP throughout their school!

The KMP Senior Experience is one of kind, and probably one of my favorite parts about the business! They typically include stops at Hyperion coffee shop, strolling around downtown Fredericksburg, mini dance parties, and lots of laughs. My goal is help each and every one of my seniors feel loved beyond words, confident in who they are, and help them see how beautiful they truly are inside and out.

If you like the sound of free photos, becoming a part of the ultimate senior squad from high schools all over the local area, you’re excited to become part of something bigger during your senior year, then I think you’re ready to apply for the class of 2021 senior spokesmodel program!

If you’re still feeling a little unsure, check out down below some of the Q&A’s I’ve received about the program and process!


I would absolutely love for you to apply and I can’t wait to hopefully get to know you better throughout your senior year!

Q & A's

1. How long will I be considered a spokesmodel?

This is for your entire senior year! The chosen spokesmodels will be announced May 16th and this will program will last until your graduation the following spring!

2. Do I have to pay any fees to be apart of the program?

Yes, once accepted, there is a one time payment fee that is the cost of my senior session ($450). There are no other hidden fees or shoots that will require you to pay an extra fee. So basically you will be getting about extra senior sessions for the price of one! What's even better, you actually have the opportunity to earn this entire fee back through referrals! (How good is that?!)

3. What are some of the perks that I get as a spokesmodel?

Girl, I am so excited for this.. as a spokesmodel you will receive a complementary mini session with professional hair and makeup, a group styled shoot with local vendors, your customized senior experience, fun group events like the exclusive meet & greet party, game night, coffee dates, and other fun activities with the group! ALSO, you have the opportunity to earn cash back through referrals!

4. Will I receive the images and be allowed to share them on social media?

Absolutely! You will be receiving fully edited, high resolution digital images from each and every shoot to share, and print if you want!

5. Do my parents need to be involved and come to the shoots?

Yes, they MUST be involved! No, they do not need to come to the shoots! I ask that you inform your parents about the spokesmodel program before apply so that they are aware of the requirements and the one time fee that are involved for you to be in program. I actually notify them first before telling the seniors… sneaky, sneaky!

6. What are my responsibilities as a spokesmodel if I am chosen?

The number one responsibility of a senior spokesmodel is to refer your friends to Kelsey Marie Photography for their very own senior portraits, and rep the brand of KMP throughout your high school. How do you do this, you may ask? By sharing on social media frequently and participating in the spokesmodel events!

7. Do I have to go to a certain high school to be a part of the team?

Nope! I am looking for seniors all throughout the Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania areas! Let’s bring them all together!

Are you excited yet? Link to the application will go live on Friday, April 24th at 7pm! You can find it here on the site or through my Instagram and Facebook page!


Kelsey Marie Photography is based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Specializing in seniors and couples photography. 

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