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This post is a litttttle overdue. This time last year I headed out with my church to San Juan, Puerto Rico to help relieve from the horrible Hurricane Maria that blasted over the island. I've been seeing pictures come through my Timehop and Facebook this week of the trip and thought I would share about it on here.

Our first part of the trip was spent in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. We were connected with a woman named Rombonita who completely lost her whole house. Literally just blew away. She was also the sweetest lady I have ever met and when I got super sunburnt the first day, called me a lobster haha. The only thing she had left was a "bathroom", not working of course. Over two days we were able to giver her four walls and a roof over her head. She now had the foundations of a home. We were also partnered with Javier who was able to give a solar powered panel on the roof for electricity! Which I think is super cool and I kinda want one too haha. We also were able to reach out to her community and provide them with solar lights, food, and a Bible. Most of the people on our team spoke spanish thankfully, but I of course was there just smiling away as I know little to none spanish ha!

After we finished in San Juan with what we could, we traveled to a small town in the mountains where we roofed a house, painted a house, hosted a cookout, played with kids, and reached out to the community. This town still had no electricity months after the hurricane. It's crazy to see how these people are living their lives without the normal necessities we use here everyday in the US. The two days that we spent in this town were super special. We made such a great connection with the community and could definitely feel the Lord working here.

I was lucky enough to go on this mission trip as photographer/videographer and absolutely loved capturing all the moments. I've included the link to this video below and am super proud of it. Its only about two minutes long and would mean the world to me if you took a second to watch it.

Puerto Rico Missions Video: https://vimeo.com/317856690



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