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Tips &Tricks: Wedding Day Hairstylist

Updated: Mar 9

Tips & Tricks pt. 4

This week on our Tips & Tricks series, we have the amazing, and ever so beautiful Rachel Redden from Bangs & Boujee! Rachel is an incredible hair stylist based here in Fredericksburg, and is sharing with us her recommendations for when looking to hire your hair stylist for the day of your wedding. She shares a few thoughts you might not even have considered, so give it a read and leave some love! I hope you are able to take these tips and put them to use as you're planning your big day, friend!


"Resources for how to prepare yourself for finding all of your vendors for your big day are not as common as you’d think; specifically with finding someone for your hair! So I’ve comprised this list of the most important things to look for in a wedding hairstylist and the best tips to ensure that your hair is the least of your worries for your wedding day!"

1. Portfolio

The first and honestly most overlooked thing to look for when searching for your wedding hairstylist is their portfolio. Every hairstylist has good reviews but not every hairstylist can produce work that matches the style YOU envisioned for your perfect day. You should be looking for bridal hair in their portfolio that captures what you want but also what your hair is capable of.

2. Travel:

Not all hairstylists will travel to you. In my experiences, the most stress free weddings have been the ones that I was able to be on site for. Going in to the salon is just another stop on your to do list that you’ll need to think about on the day of. It’s so much easier for you to be able to show up to your venue and have every vendor meet you there! Make sure you double check this with your stylist BEFORE booking.

3. Online Presence:

Your wedding day isn’t one to be messed with. You need vendors that are reliable and dependable. The best way to determine this is by searching for a stylist on all of their online platforms and seeing how quickly they respond to other people, how active they are with their businesses, etc. Reliability is so much more valuable than a follower count.

4. Timing:

A good stylist will likely want to be booking your big day at least 2-3 months in advance. Before booking, however, you’ll want to have completed a trial run with the stylist of your choice to ensure they can in fact achieve the look you want. That allots time to order hair pieces if you decide on them, extensions if needed, and have peace of mind that all the things you’ll need are secured for your day.

These aren't the only things to look for, but in the years I’ve been doing wedding hair these are some of the major struggles that most of my bridal clients are not familiarized with. The goal is to get married once and have it last forever; make sure you set yourself up for beautiful memories!

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