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Tips & Tricks: Wedding Videographer

You're engaged! Now what?! pt.3

Today we have a very special guest, Michael Ellis! Michael is an incredible wedding videographer (and photographer), and is sharing today some answers to some questions he gets all the time from clients about video for their big day. If you've been thinking about hiring a videographer, DO IT! Pictures will last a lifetime, but in this day and age, video will too. I am so stoked for you guys to read his post and gain some information on the topic of wedding videography. To introduce himself, here is a reel of some of his most recent work!

1. Wedding Video is important

A lot of couples hesitate to book a good wedding videographer because at first glance they may not think it’s a priority or necessary. As the date gets closer they begin to understand the benefit of it and it’s unique qualities. It becomes too late to book the right video company if you wait too long.  I have had it happen so many times where someone that contacted me didn’t book in time. They get down to the final 30-60 days and I’m no longer available for their date. If you prioritize video services you will land a great artist who can deliver a gorgeous highlight that tells your story as well as additional video depending on the packages available.

2. How will it work with photography

A good wedding videographer knows how to mesh well with your chosen photographer.  That’s never something you should worry about. The one thing to consider when booking both services is that there is limited time for things like portraits, first looks, etc. be patient and allow both teams to work. The yin and yang to the day being all about you is your photographer and videographer are going to both equally have their eyes on you. Embrace it and give great energy to both. With a photo you can smile for a second. With video if you aren’t smiling or looking happy, there’s no fix for that. Take it all in stride and enjoy the coverage.

3. The importance of the specialist

A big trend lately is to book photography and videography together from the same company. Definitely nothing wrong with this and usually will save you money. I offer combo coverage myself. The one warning or tip with this is to respect the unique difference between taking pictures and recording video. As similar as they are in terms of equipment and lenses, the two are very different the day of capturing. If you are looking for top level video that truly captures your day, you want someone dedicated to it that is the primary shooter.  When I book a combo package I always tell my couples that I will interchange between photo and video to ensure they are getting what they expect from the video side of things. If you want A1 photo and A1 video and are very particular about that you are best served booking your dream photographer then booking your dream videographer. Combo packages come with a lower overall price tag but also built in creative compromises.

A few things to ask during a consultation

  • Is raw footage available? It’s nice to have for later

  • How is final product delivered?

  • What is the turnaround time? They should be able to deliver within 60-90 days

  • Do you work well on the go? Good wedding videographers are nimble and have exposures set fast and ready to capture any moment

  • Do you have a stabilizer? If they only use a tripod then don’t expect the greatest final product.

  • HD/4K/8K?? Even in 2020 most video we watch isn’t any higher than 720p (cable tv) or 1080p (Netflix). Don’t get caught up in 4K bragging. It matters more to the videographer than the couple in the end.

Michael is an expert at what he does! If you are interested or have more questions about his services, you can head to his website here! Thank you so much Michael for sharing your tips & tricks!


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