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Washington D.C. Engagement | Cherry Blossoms 2020 | Yayo & Joanna

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. is the most gorgeous time of year for the city. (Well, my favorite at least!) Being surrounded by all the trees and their blossoms is the most magical feeling!

When Joanna came to me and mentioned wanting to do their engagement pictures during the blooms, I almost screamed with excitement! All of the soft pink and white petals create the most whimsical and fairytale feeling! Finally when the day came and Yayo and Joanna showed up wearing these INCREDIBLE outfits, I knew we were in for some fairytale moments. Of course, with the current state that we are in, we made sure to keep our distance from each other, and the those that had also decided to come out bright and early that morning.

Yayo and Joanna both started attending a new Bible study and hit it off pretty quickly. Joanna started coming to the church that Yayo works at (shoutout to The Mount here is Stafford!) and things really started to take off. One of my favorite parts about these two, is that they have road tripped all across Virginia to visit the famous LOVE signs and they have a whole collection of pictures with them! When Yayo proposed to Joanna, he made his own little 'love' sign and covered her porch in rose petals, candles, and pictures of them together to surprise her. These two were absolutely meant for one another, and I can't wait for their intimate D.C. wedding in the summer!

Enjoy these real life Disney fairytale moments!



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